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LGBT smartphone game Fantastic Boyfriends


Read on to learn about the controls of Fantastic Boyfriends: Legends of Midearth (hereafter Fantastic Boyfriends).


When you load the app, you will be brought to the title screen.
Select “Start Journey” to start the game.



The user guide will be displayed the first time you play.


Touch your device’s screen to advance dialogue.
Anywhere is okay!


When you’re presented with a choice, select one and touch the “OK” button.
The story will change depending on what you choose!


Press the “MENU” button at the top right to access functions such as save, load, and skip, game settings, or return to the title screen.

Your current party order, equipment, stats, and items are displayed at the top of the menu screen.
The icons at the bottom of the screen correspond to a variety of functions.

  • Settings: Brings up the configuration screen (for more details, see below)
  • Load: Load your saved data (including auto saves)
  • Save: Save your current game
  • Retire: Give up on your current quest and return to the title screen
  • Partial skip: Skip text you have already read before
  • Fast skip: Skip all text until the next choice appears
  • Auto: Automatically advances the text (cancel by touching the screen)


In the configuration screen, you can change the text speed (how fast the text appears), auto advance speed, and music volume.
In addition, shortcuts on the screen are available for ease of play.
(Of course, everything can be done with only one finger!)

In the event that there is an issue with your save and you lose your data, you can tap the button at the bottom right of the screen to restore your purchased content.

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