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The conversation system adds an extra dimension to Fantastic Boyfriends: Legends of Midearth.
In addition to selecting quests and changing equipment, you can initiate conversations with Gordon and your current party members in the Adventurer’s Tavern.


Your conversations will change based on your relationships with characters (quest progression) and what time of day  (real time) you enter the Adventurer’s Tavern.
As you develop closer relationships, the number of topics to choose from will increase.
(There are a limited number of topics per character visit.)



Here are some of the types of conversations you can enjoy:

  • Combat training at the palace (early morning and early afternoon)
    … Accompany party members as they practice swordsmanship and magic and they’ll learn new commands to use in battle! (level does not increase)
  • Lunch (around noon)
    … Enjoy a meal with your companions and learn about their favorite foods
  • Take on requests from the townspeople and explore nearby dungeons
    … Perhaps you’ll find some interesting items depending on when you go!
  • Equipment maintenance
    … Hear what your party thinks of their current weapons and armor

 ※ What events occur will depend on your party members.

If you head to the tavern and speak with certain characters at designated times (your device’s clock determines the time in-game), you can obtain new equipment and items that will increase the number of conversation options available.

 ※ You will not receive equipment that increases the level of your characters or items that affect your progress in the game. This system is purely for enjoying dialogue with other characters.

In the screenshot below, Orgus is wearing training clothes (they do not affect his level), which can be obtained through a certain conversation event (going to the second hard shop together).



No matter when you go to the tavern, there will always be someone to interact with.
Make sure you get to know your adventuring companions better!

There are many more scenarios in addition to those mentioned above, including sweating together during rigorous training and sharing drinks in the tavern before bed.
You might even go on a midnight stroll on a sleepless night…


And what happens if you visit someone when they’re sleeping…?


You can still progress in the main quest without having conversations in the tavern, but we highly recommend utilizing this system in order to enjoy the world of Midearth to its fullest!

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