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LGBT smartphone game Fantastic Boyfriends


Lifewonders, LLC. requests that you observe the following guidelines:

【1 Images】

Under no circumstances may our images be reprinted, sold, used for marketing, or distributed without a licence.
Responsible personal use is permitted.
However, please exercise caution so that other players can enjoy the game without spoilers.
We also permit fan art that uses Lifeworks properties as inspiration.

【2 Narrative】

Quoting the narratives of our properties verbatim is prohibited.
However, you may use portions of stories or general information as inspiration for fan works.

【3 Music】

Extracting music from our apps for distribution is prohibited.

【4 Images on our website and Twitter】

The Twitter/blog icons, header images, and desktop/smartphone wallpapers
on our website are for intended for personal use.

If you wish to use any of the other images on our website and Twitter on your website or
social media account, we request that you include the copyright and product title or link
to the source so others know where the image comes from.
(Only necessary if the copyright and product title is not visible in the image)

Please note that additions or modifications may be made to these guidelines at any time.
Thank you for your cooperation.