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LGBT smartphone game Fantastic Boyfriends


The original characters are introduced.

The original characters

Main Characters

[The Ogre Captain of the Guard] Orgus


An ogre knight whose homeland was completely destroyed by the Demon King.
With his strength and skilled swordsmanship, there is no one who can defeat
him in one-on-one battle.
Flames of revenge course through his tormented veins.

[The Healing Monk] Sol


A kind, god-faring monk who was raised to serve you, the hero.
After losing his family to the war, he was taken in by a temple.
He protects you with a fighting style that utilizes his fists
along with healing and defensive magic.

[Master of the Adventurer’s Guild] Gordon


The master of a Midgard tavern that attracts all kinds of adventurers.
Apparently, he used to be a famous adventurer himself.
He’s always happy to give our newbie hero advice.

[Fire Dragon in Human Form] Fafnir


A powerful dragon who lives in the Fire Dragon’s Lair.
From time to time, he descends to the earth in human form.
The conflict between humans and demons is of no concern to him,
but he has a weakness for treasure.

[The Player Protagonist] Yuji Ono (Default name, can be changed)


The game’s protagonist.
One day, you’re suddenly summoned from your apartment in modern-day Japan
to the fantasy world of Midearth.
You’re currently looking for a boyfriend.

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